Superior Strength, Optimum Hydraulics and Service Reliability

Research shows the corrugations of Pacific Corrugated HDPE pipe give the product an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Because it is made of chemically inert materials, our pipe is extremely durable and highly effective in both acidic and alkaline soils alike. HDPE pipe resists breakdown caused by abrasion and freeze/thaw cycles and has been effectively used in environments with ambient temperatures above 120° F. Our HDPE double wall pipe is highly efficient due to the low friction factor of the smooth pipe interior, resulting in optimum hydraulic flow design. This type of pipe has been found to have an effective Manning’s “n” factor as low as 0.012. Further, in many soil conditions you can realize a service life up to 75 years.

Pacific Corrugated Pipe processes premium plastic raw materials in a clean and controlled environment. All of our products are marked with applicable specification designations. Incoming resins are subject to acceptance testing and finished product must exceed our stringent quality control standards before leaving our manufacturing facility. With primary distribution through our five western manufacturing plants, contractors can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of having corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipe products shipped combined on the same trucks to their job sites. In fact, we are the only manufacturer in the United States that produces both CMP and HDPE pipe in our own facilities.

Our clients are the leading builders, engineers and developers working on local, municipal and state construction projects throughout the West. The Pacific Corrugated commitment means precision manufacturing, timely delivery, a knowledgeable team of fabricators, and project support

Commitment to Excellence
Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company has been providing the industry with fabrication and plastic innovations in drainage, culvert crossing, bridge replacement, special hydraulic conveyance, and other applications since 1935. Our solutions utilize the most effective materials for each application, and are designed with durability and value in mind.