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Corrugated Steel Pipe
Our corrugated steel pipe is available in a variety of thicknesses and is available with a galvanized, aluminized or polymer coating. We also offer corrugated stainless steel pipe. These products are used extensively in flood control, drainage, and sewer systems because steel is reliable, traceable, sustainable, and strong. We manufacture pipe sizes ranging from 6” diameter through 156” diameter. A range of wall thicknesses are available and the standard length is 20-feet, though other lengths are available. Pacific Corrugated also provides complimentary products for all of your project development needs.
  Deep Core Corrugated Steel Pipe
For larger pipe diameters our deep core corrugated steel pipe provides both economy and strength to create an effective solution. Pacific Corrugated offers 3 x 1 and 5 x 1 corrugation profiles in diameters larger than 48" which allow the use of a relatively lighter gauge material for similar design considerations than corrugation profiles typically used for smaller pipes. Deep Core products can reduce the weight and price by 30% - 60% for products 54" and larger in diameter.
  Pipe Arches
Corrugated steel pipe-arch performs the same function as round pipe and is used primarily where there is limited headroom or cover over the pipe, or where hydraulic conditions necessitate its use. We provide pipe-arch in the standard industry dimensions which have a span x rise ranging between 17x13 inches and 171x110 inches.
  Slotted Drain
Slotted drain can be used to effectively remove surface runoff in curb and gutter applications or to intercept runoff in relatively flat areas. Our pipe is manufactured from galvanized or aluminized type II steel and is available in 12 inch to 24 inch diameters. A variety of grate types and sizes are available. Slotted drain materials are commonly used for airport, freeway, and parking lot construction.
Multi-Plate, also referred to as sectional place or structural plate, is called for when the maximum size of corrugated pipe is exceeded or where greater or differential thicknesses are required. Generally used in flood control and sewer systems, they have also been successfully used for pedestrian passages and overhead conveyor covers. Pacific Corrugated offers a variety of plate products allowing for large spans, extreme fill heights, and other unique applications.
  Aluminum Products
We offer corrugated aluminum pipe, aluminum structural plate including box culverts and other miscellaneous fabricated aluminum products.
Additional specifications and technical information can be found in the Technical Information section.
Your Pacific Corrugated representative will help you select and price the most appropriate products for your project. Printed Brochures are also available for many of our products. For additional information, feel welcome to Contact Us.